Global Account Reset

We are happy to announce our server is now fully functioning and we would also like to proudly say, we removed all Banned so everyone who was banned can play again as well as you can start fresh because all accounts/logs are gone, Please do not ask in-game for stuff returned, Thank you.
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Old and New Players

Dear Players,
We're sorry for the inconvenience all New and Old Players will have to re-install the whole client over, we have fixed bugs/dc's and much more we are welcoming you back once again to Well Improved Shaiya 420.
Shaiya 420 Administration
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Experiencing DC Issues


We are sorry if you are Experiencing DC Issues to server, We are working on getting that fixed as soon as possible! Please be patient, We Just started this server again a lot of new stuff and updates will be going towards server.
420 Shaiya Administration
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Register Fixed

We Would like to announce the Register is now fully Functioning without an issue, So if you wish you may register now!

Thank you for your time,
Administration Team
420 Shaiya
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